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Importance of CPR Training

When a person immediately collapsed on the ground with his heart rate dropping, he/she may have experienced a heart attack. Once this happens, immediate medical attention is necessary. However, it takes some time for the medical aid to attend to the patient’s needs. With no option left, CPR is the next best plan of action. Also known as cardiopulmonary resuscitation, it was designed to increase the patient’s survival rate. CPR is done through chest compression or mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. During dire times, people who have CPR training experience can help save people’s lives. Here’s how CPR experienced people can help buy time until medics arrive.

Increase Chance of Survival

The most significant benefit of CPR is its effectiveness in increasing the chances of the patient’s survival by 40%. If you are a CPR trained person you can immediately provide medical attention while paramedics are still on the way. You can easily identify the emergency situation and the required actions that need to be done.


Knowing CPR also increases one’s confidence to give medical aid for someone in need anytime and anywhere. Once you attended CPR classes, it can give you the assurance that you can extend help when emergency situations arise. You can help save a friend or a family member. You won’t feel powerless when one of your family members experienced a heart attack as you can employ your CPR skills.

Significant in The Workplace

CPR training mastery is also a plus when applying for a job. If your job application specializes in the field of trainer, lifeguard or even a teacher, CPR is greatly beneficial as it can you an edge among other applicants.

Due to its significance and many benefits, CPR courses are becoming in demand. If you wish to enroll in a CPR class, you can call Texas CPR Academy. They provide CPR training for their students residing in Spring, TX.